Is Vicks humidifier safe for babies?

When your baby gets cold, it is a terrible thing where there are no instant medications available that you can provide to your baby and it is not an easy way to relief from this discomfort. In which you can’t even give them a spoon of honey, if your baby is under one year old. There is one preferred thing which you can do to help your baby from the runny nose, cough and other kinds of cold symptoms where it is nothing but to use the humidifier. 

Does your baby need a humidifier?

Is Vicks humidifier safe for babies

A humidifier is a device that adds the moisture to the air and these devices are typically used to increase the internal moisture in the winter or during dry climate or to ease the symptoms of the common cold. There are many brands number of humidifiers are available in the market, where you need to find the best cool mist humidifier for baby to protect it from the cough and runny nose. The term humidifier is generally used interchangeable with the term vaporizer however these two are of different things.

The humidifier releases the room or cool temperature mist into the air to be absorbed, but the vaporizer heat the water into the hot stream and it is then released into the air. The ideal humidity of the air should be between 30 and 50 % that too in the dry climates the humidity level of the air should be significantly lower one. Similarly during the winter season when running the furnace the room temperature in homes can become even drier in which this dry air can contribute to some aliments in human body that includes. 

  • Dry skin
  • Sinus and nasal irritation
  • Snoring
  • Nosebleeds
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Asthma flare ups
  • Respiratory infections

The humidifier is found to be the best thing which you can provide to your baby in order to keep the air moisture content with the room humidity and this will make your child to be happy and free from the high room temperature.

What are the benefits of humidifier?

The humidifier can help you to ease the symptoms of the cough and cold naturally and this humidifier also does the following work. They are. 

  • Soothing a dry throat just to reduce the severity of the cough
  • Thinning the muscle, so it is more easily can expelled
  • Moistening the sinuses and nasal passages to promote the faster healing

Using just the humidifier cannot only help your baby to endure and recover from a cold but it is also has some of the preventative health benefits. Significantly the humidity block the flying viruses to travel around your room, so just by keeping the air moisture can help you and your children from the catching the colds, flu or other kinds of icky bugs that can constantly trouble on winter season. Both the humidifier and vaporizers introduce the moisture into the dry air in your home and they also do it equally effective manner. In which these two devices will be providing an effective result on to your kid’s cold signs, where at this time the moist air is draw in into the baby’s nasal passage. Both hot steam and cool mist are equal and match to your baby’s body temperature. 

Are the baby humidifiers safe one to use?

When you are using the humidifier to your kid or baby then there are few things which you need to be aware of before using the humidifier to your baby. They are.

Burn disk

The hot water vaporizers is a best product for hygienic and the water is heated to the steam and it become hot enough to eradicate the potential bacteria. However, it also poses a burn risk for the small children. 


If your humidifier has a filter, then you want to wash regularly or replace it from time to time. It holds the water, mold and bacteria then it has the potential to grow which will cause the health problems. So make sure that you keep the humidifier well maintained and clean to prevent the unwanted health issues. 

Over moisturizing

If you introduce more moisture content into the air then it can cause the mold and other kinds of allergens to grow in your child’s room or other area of your home. 

When purchasing the humidifier for your home then you need to consider number of factors such as like filter or no filter, hot or cold stream, built in diffuser and effective area only then you can get the best cool mist humidifier for baby

Sometimes simple is found to be the best thing so it is always recommended to purchase the Vicks filter free cold mist humidifier because this humidifier is easy to refill, operate and it is very easy clean. This humidifier does not have a filter that you need to replace and the opening is into the water chamber which is of large enough so that your regular cleaning sessions are of breeze. This Vicks cool mist humidifier is more compatible one for your baby where this contains the scented pad which is ease to congestion and it is more medicated one because this cool mist humidifier will protect your baby from the risk.


There are few tricks that you can try when you and your baby comes down with cold and by using this humidifier you can protect your baby from the heavy cough, running nose and cold. Where this humidifier not only can moist the air which makes your baby to feel more comfortable one but it can also help the baby heal faster and stay well longer one. This baby humidifier will help your baby to protect from the air moisture so this will protect your baby from the air moisture and this will make your baby to be in comfort zone and keep your baby free from the cough, runny nose and other kinds cold symptoms. 

Tips to Treat Eczema Found in Babies

Eczema is a skin rash disease that can be found in babies. 1 in 5 babies born are affected by it. Sometimes, it is just a small red mark that itches every so often. Other times, it is a burning inflammation that may need treatment for reduce pain. There are times the the disease can be triggered by the baby eating eggs, wheat, or oranges. A cure for eczema does not exist at this time. But, eczema is not extremely harmless to your baby and often similar to a small rash. Despite eczema disease being a little skin rash that can get annoying, there are ways for you to treat it. There is always a way to treat a sore on your body. Learn additional information on treatment for eczema and background below.

Types of Eczema Found in Children

Three basic types existing in eczema are red itch patch, red spots, and dandruff. All three of these types itch on the skin. Dandruff itches on the hair. Always stay on the hair too. The red spots and red itch patch makes contact with your limbs, neck, and chest. These parts of your body itch if you scratch them. They do not hurt much if you don’t scratch, but if you scratch them for a long periods they will provide you with intense pain. At first, they feel really nice to scratch. You think you are making yourself feel better and healthier. But, the next day you feel the pain that makes you regret scratching the red spots or red itch patch yesterday. Don’t take this condition lightly. You must avoid scratching the areas that the at all cost. It does feel good but it will cause you more problems in the future. Wash your self with the best shampoo and wash for eczema ins however each week. That will help the irritations get reduced by a high amount.

Treat Baby With Eczema Shampoo

Treat Baby With Eczema Shampoo

The best way to reduce pain on your baby is to treat them with eczema shampoo. Their irritations will get smaller day after day. Now, you have to teach them to stop scratching or their conditions will get worse. Its very important that you teach them to stop scratching. The eczema shampoo will have no effect if they continue to scratch skin day to day. In a couple months, the skin irritating disease should be reduce to a point where it won’t make your baby cry. If the eczema shampoo is not working right, take the shampoo back and buy one from a different brand.

Don’t Rub to Dry From Shower

After you use the best shampoo and wash for eczema in shower, you need to dry yourself off with a towel with pats. Pats are not the same as rubs. When you rub your wet skin with a towel, you cause the disease to itch. Prevent, by patting your wet skin with a towel by smothering your skin in a press and then removing. Smother it with a gentle press to prevent the disease for taking it as a scratch. It will take some getting use to. But, you can figure out the new procedure and prepare yourself for a body with less itching. Make the sacrifice and achieve this goal.

Is There a Cure for Eczema

No, there is no cure for eczema. I am sure dermatologist will issue a cure to the public like smallpox. A cure will be made one day. Before that day comes, all you can do is reduce the pain and avoid scratching as much as possible. Every time you scratch it makes the eczema pain worst. I know you want to feel better, but go about doing it in another way. Wait for the cure and hopefully you can have more power to play with your skin. Eczema cure will come out one day.