My goal is that through coaching care-givers, writing books, articles, and pamphlets, doing seminars and conferences, and by spreading these words, there becomes a peaceful world through peaceful parenting. My vision is to bring a cultural awareness and change in how people raise children and relate with them in order to stop and prevent child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and certain mental illness conditions, so that, a new generation of healthy interpersonal relating among family members can be realized. By teaching adults how to love themselves and their children, families can become physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong and healthy.

Tame Your Wild Child Services Available at this Time:

    • Telephone Coaching for Care-Givers
    • In-Home Family Coaching
    • Telephone or Your-Location Coaching for Professionals such as Clinicians, Teachers, and Daycare Providers
    • Workshops at Your Location, and Others To Be Determined-see counseling page for dates
    • Video to Purchase-How to Start a Garden and Grow your own Food by Monique Prince
    • The Book: Tame Your Wild Child by Monique Prince

If you would like a coaching appointment, please call for an appointment & mail a one-page description of the history of the difficulty, with your name, mailing address, phone number, the best time to reach you by phone, and email address, along with a money order.

Telephone coaching fee is $25.00 per 15 minutes, with a minimum time of 15 minutes: sliding scale for people with low/no income. For in-home/on-site coaching, fee is $100.00 per hour plus traveling expenses.
Workshop fee is $100.00 per hour or $5.00 per person plus traveling expenses when applicable.