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How to Take Care of the Mouth for a Baby under 1 Year Old

How to Take Care of the Mouth for a Baby under 1 Year Old

As you know, hygiene and oral care for your baby is extremely important and needs to be done right before your baby starts to grow their first teeth. However, not all mothers know how to take care of their teeth and instruct them to brush their teeth properly. Here are our share, sure to help mom take care of her baby a healthier teeth.

How to Take Care of the Mouth for a Baby under 1 Year Old1

Child stage from 0 – 6 months old

Most babies at this age don’t have teeth yet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need dental care for their babies. A small number of children will have teeth between 3 and 4 months old, about 2 upper incisors and 2 lower incisors will grow during this time. The dental care for children at this stage is quite simple and mothers do not need to use toothbrush for children. Mothers can “brush their teeth” with gauze (the kind of gauze used to roll their tongue) or soft cotton. Before the child goes to sleep or after waking up, the mother places a gauze in her hand, then soaks in warm water and wipes the child’s palate, tongue and gums. Routine tongue cleaning as well as regular oral hygiene for children will help children prevent oral diseases and gingivitis.

Child stage from 6 – 12 months old

At this stage, most babies have about 8 teeth and molars are in the papilla stage. At this time, the oral care and brushing for children are very necessary. Because there are many cases of children with tooth decay at this stage and can seriously affect the teeth when the baby teething permanently.

In this stage, the baby can not brush your teeth but need support from the mother.How to Take Care of the Mouth for a Baby under 1 Year Old

Instructions for brushing children ‘s teeth are as follows:

Mother put the baby in a position on the lap, then gently brush the front teeth. Mother rubs up and down with joints and gums. You can brush the gums in the molars or not. When babies at this age, the mother does not need to use toothpaste because they may swallow toothpaste causing flour poisoning.

Brushing your baby this time is not too heavy but just to help him get used to oral hygiene early and form good habits later. In addition, mothers also form a habit for children to drink water after eating so that children are aware of how important oral hygiene.

Note for mom

Under 1 year old can grow from 2-8 teeth. During this period, children may be uncomfortable when teething so moms should prepare soft, safe toys to chew and massage gums with a soft towel.

Mothers should use a small, round and soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste suitable for their age and contain low levels of flour, no foam. Just taking a pea-sized amount of ice cream is enough. The oral hygiene for the baby’s tongue must be done at least once daily after feeding and before going to bed


As you can see, it is very important and absolutely necessary to take care of oral hygiene for babies under 1 year of age because it not only stimulates baby teeth to grow, but also forms a habit to follow your baby throughout his life. . After this article, I hope you know how to clean your baby’s teeth under 1 year old.