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Safe for Baby

Safe for Baby

Children are always the top concern of parents. To give children a comfortable and safe living space for children, sometimes it is not just observance or thoughtfulness is enough. Every year, many children are hospitalized for unreasonable risks. You can completely prevent them in simple ways.Safe for Baby

Safe at home

Home is the space where babies will eat, sleep, activities for most of the first five months of life. So this is where safety comes first. Looking at your home space under the eyes of a child, you will see many potential dangers from furniture to space outside the garden, balcony. Ensuring that children are safe not only helps them to have fun, but also reduces parents’ stress and anxiety. We share with you some tips and tricks to help create a safe environment for your child.

Safe to use baby items

Not all items marketed are safe. Parents should carefully research when choosing a particular item for their baby, because it is possible that the same tools can bring risks to your child. If you’re wondering how to choose, let us share with you useful information in choosing an item for your child!

Safe for babies when traveling by car

If you have a car, the most important thing is to make sure your baby is safe on the move. You need to buy a baby cradle (or car seat) for sure and safe. If you are still wondering between the options, we will help you explain some of the criteria that you need to follow when shopping, to ensure safety when traveling by car. We will also provide you with additional tips to ensure your baby’s safety when moving, playing in the park, facing strangers …

Safety when using a trolley

Stroller is one of the most popular items babies need, and this is also a major concern for parents. You should learn the safety criteria so you can buy your baby a stroller that best suits.

Safe in contact with water

When exposing your baby to water, parents need to pay special attention to their child’s safety. From the bath, to the pool, to the fishpond or to the sea, it can pose risks for your baby. Did you know that children can drown at a few centimeters of water only while you are on a phone call? Even babies who can swim can easily get scared and drown. Therefore, never take your eyes off your children when they are exposed to water. And ensuring your baby’s safety when bathing at home is also something you should be concerned about.Safe for Baby

Information from hospitals and institutions

There is a lot of information from hospitals or organizations about keeping your baby healthy and safe. We encourage you to read and research this information carefully in order to best care for your baby.

First aid for children

Any parent should learn about first aid for the baby. This knowledge can be of great use when your child is at risk. For example, learn how to stop a child’s bleeding, how to handle a burn, or when they have a broken bone or food. You can attend first aid training for children to learn more about this knowledge.