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What Should Children Eat During Teething?

What Should Children Eat During Teething

During the period of teething children often have signs such as drooling, coughing, swollen gums, fatigue, laziness to eat or even skipping meals. At such a sensitive time, mothers should feed their children on how to ensure nutrition while not annoying or crying babies.

Period of 4 – 8 months: Babies have 2 teeth

When the first teeth erupt, the baby often feels uncomfortable, painful by swollen gums, redness, even ulcers. If the mother sees her baby using her fingers, toys or anything in her hand to her mouth and bites then it is likely that the teeth are emerging from 3-5 days.

To overcome this discomfort during 4-5 months, mothers only need to breastfeed their babies. In case the baby stops breastfeeding, the mother needs to coordinate for the baby to drink more formula milk. Older children can feed their babies miles by mixing pureed porridge with fruit juice, milk to ensure nutrition for baby’s meals.

Nutrition experts recommend that mothers should prioritize foods such as mashed potatoes, egg yolks, cereal porridge for this stage of teething.

The period from 8-10 months: The child grows 4 teeth

During this period, your baby’s upper teeth will grow two more teeth, so he or she will likely cry, sleepless, be easily excited, irritable or be a parent. Some children also show signs of a mild fever accompanied by loose stools, anorexia.

To create an interest in eating during this period, the mother should divide into small meals, crush foods like tofu, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and minced meat. In addition, some cool drinks to ease teething pain for babies after meals such as fruit juices, healthy bean milk.

In addition, you can prepare a few fruits and tubers that are safe for your baby to bite while feeling uncomfortable or painful gums.

The period from 11 -13 months: Child grows 6-8 teeth

At this stage, the baby’s teeth will grow more quickly and the signs of anorexia are less serious than the previous period. Therefore, moms just need to adjust the diet flexibly and diversely to stimulate the baby’s appetite.

Your baby’s teeth are now adapted to tougher foods and the function of the digestive system is more complete. Children can absorb the necessary fiber and vitamins, so if your baby’s gums are itchy and uncomfortable, slicing bananas to cool them will be more comfortable.

Childhood stage was 8-12 teeth

To cope with anorexia at this time, mom takes advantage of using colorful spoons and bowls to stimulate your child to want to eat more. In addition, some vegetable salads with vivid colors such as carrots, sweet peppers, bean sprouts, potatoes, cucumbers with oil mixture – olive vinegar for children.

Final period: Children grow from 12 to 20 teeth
Basically now the baby’s teeth have gradually improved and stabilized. However, at this last teething can still make children uncomfortable, you should not force your baby to eat much. It is best to diversify the dishes as well as colors during meals to stimulate the child’s taste. Mom also tried the tactic of “using a new bottle of old wine to help your baby eat better. Suppose for example, instead of feeding your child to rice, she can clip meat with bread or use soup to feed the baby instead of putting it into a bowl.