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When Should Babies Start Using a Walker

When Should Babies Start Using a Walker

There are many effective methods for learning to walk, one of which is to use a walker to support your toddler. Baby walkers are chosen by many people because they are very compact and help children to walk quickly, but walkers also contain dangers for children, let’s learn what parents should keep in mind when giving children Practice walking by the car, walk through the article below.

The right time to walk your baby

Each baby will have different developmental skeletons so the time to walk is also different. It is common for babies aged 9-17 months to be able to practice walking and walking fluently. Mothers should pay attention to the baby’s attitude every time he/she practices if your baby is still not ready, he should not force him to go too early, which will affect his bones and the nervous system later.

The note when parents walk the baby by car learning to walk

Parents should let your baby get used to the walker first

Before letting your baby learn to walk with a walker, parents should let your baby get used to the walker first. When your baby uses a walker should be watchful by parents, besides combining for the baby to get up, crawl, or practice standing for longer to walk more naturally.

When the baby pushes the walker, the parents must follow the baby’s steps step by step to prevent unexpected situations that may endanger the baby. Let your baby practice walking in a large space, cleaning up objects that may hinder the child’s learning process or dangerous items such as cutlery, water bottles, etc. to avoid curiosity. Do not allow your baby to go near places with stairs or high ramps, unsteady toddlers who meet these surfaces are very easy to dangerous to the baby’s body.

Keep the baby away from the kitchen and bathroom areas

Keep the baby away from the kitchen and bathroom areas because the floor is often slippery and has many sharp objects, wires. If there is a little space, parents can make a fence around them and let them practice walking in it. Doing so will help your baby be safe, protect him from unnecessary injury.

The early use of baby carriage will create a habit of relying on children, lazy to practice walking. If a baby does not have a walker, she will not go because she does not feel safe. Please use the baby walker when your baby has walked the basic steps, do not let the baby use right from the beginning, besides parents should encourage your baby more like helping him stand up, attract him walk towards her with toys she likes or helps her with small steps.

Also, the use of walkers affects the child’s later gait. Children will constantly stoop forward, from which the baby’s back will be cuffed not as straight as when walking. The walker has a very fast wheel, if the baby does not keep up, he will fall, so mom should limit the baby to walk by a walker.

Choose carefully when buying a baby walker

On the market, there are many types of walkers with many different color designs. When buying mom, please buy the cars that are designed with certainty, colorful colors to attract more children. Also, parents encourage children to practice walking on their own will be more effective for children, let children walk naturally without relying on the walker to help children quickly walk and ensure children’s safety.

In addition to the methods of external support, parents should provide enough nutrients for children from the inside. Give children calcium-rich foods to keep their bones strong, which is more conducive to learning to walk.

Walker helps children to walk quickly and contains many opposite sides to children. To ensure the safety of children, parents should limit the use of baby walkers as little as possible offline.