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Which Sleeping Position Is Best for Babies?

Which Sleeping Position Is Best for Babies

Many people think that sleeping on the back is the safest position for babies, but not really. Experts say that sleeping on the back increases the risk of choking on infants. So which sleeping position is best for your baby?

In fact, babies with an immature central nervous system are easily irritated and tired. Sleep now plays an important role in the development of nervous system stability, so for babies, the sleeping time can be up to 16-18 hours per day. If the child does not guarantee sleep time, he will cause discomfort, crying, poor appetite, reduced immunity

However, placing the baby in a position to the baby can sleep better and safe, which is a question of many women first-time mothers.

Babies sleep on their backs

Pros: Lying on the back helps the baby’s muscles in the most comfortable state, especially organs such as the heart, digestive tract without being pinched. Moreover, lying on the back helps children to move freely, limiting the case of blocked nose and mouth causing suffocation.

Cons: Lying on the back makes it easy for the baby to vomit, especially when the baby has just finished, the milk will concentrate in the throat, causing the child to suffocate. In addition, lying on your back for long periods of time makes your baby with a flat head look quite un-aesthetic.

Newborn sleep on his stomach, belly touching cushion

Often, many children have such sleeping habits, even scientific evidence suggests that children who grow up will be smarter than usual. However, many women are worried because they think this is an unsafe sleeping position.

Pros: Lying on the stomach for babies less than a month is beneficial for breast and lung development, improving lung capacity to promote respiratory development. In addition, babies do not face the risk of having a flat head. This is the position that most babies are usually in the womb of the mother.

Cons: This posture of the abdomen and chest down to the cushion makes it easy for your baby to get hot, rash or eczema. Not only that, but this is also the position that can not be used to move your baby comfortably.

Newborn lies on right or left side

Pros: This posture helps reduce the possibility of vomiting caused by choking milk. Moreover, sleeping on the side avoids pressure on the heart.

Cons: Babies falling asleep are prone to be overturned during sleep so to ensure safety, mothers need to insert blankets to support the back of the baby to help children maintain this sleeping position throughout the sleep. Losing sleep can cause disproportionate development of the face, so moms should switch sides often.

Notes for mothers to help children sleep better

Babies don’t know how to turn, so their sleeping position is largely decided by their parents. Therefore, sleeping posture also makes an important contribution to the development and future shape of the baby. If the baby sleeps too much on one side will cause the baby’s head is deformed by birth at first the baby’s skull is quite soft and not completely connected to each other.

When children sleep, mothers should not knee-high, just use a cloth folded in half to make three. Infants who restrict their babies from soft cushioning will affect their spine later.